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Swimming pool 

The swimming pool at the Lancaster is approximately 20' by 40'. It is an indoor heated pool. Normally the temperature is kept at 30 degrees centigrade. The depth at the shallow end is 3', and 7.5' at the deepest point.

The hotel's swimming pool with spa in the background.

The hotel is very safety conscious and there is a closed circuit television camera at the shallow end of the pool. There is a line of floats showing where the shallow end stops and the deep area begins. Safety notices and devices are displayed around the pool and, should you get into difficulties and need assistance, there are panic buttons which sound an alarm. The buttons are situated , one in the sauna and two by the poolside. There is safety information in the reception to read before you enter the pool and a book to sign to show you have read the information. 

Mrs. Ramage, is a teacher/trainer in life guarding, so the relevant staff are all trained. We at the Lancaster feel that safety in the pool is paramount, and strive to make sure your swim is as safe and, as much fun, as possible. Please read and follow the safety notices round the pool.




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Last modified: January 29, 2013